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Live Better Series

Like the shamanistic practice of giving medicine in turtle shells, the cannabinoids and terpenes we extract give life to all of our products. This is our vision for the Live Better Series of Lucky Turtle products. We provide the CBD, CBG, CBC, CBN, and THCA that industrial hemp or CBD isolate products alone cannot offer. Because we are also a state licensed cannabis operation, we formulate with the sufficient amount of THC to activate the full synergistic potential of these cannabinoids. Our Live Better vape series caters to those who appreciate the benefits of combinging THC and CBD and look more cannabinoids and less psychoactivity in their cannabis use.

Crystallized CBD Vape?
Don't worry, #trusttheturtle

Crystallization is a naturally occurring process, and the higher the concentration of CBD, the higher the chances of it occurring.


We refuse to add crystallization inhibitors because the safety profile for smoking these unnatural chemicals ia still unknown.


While our CBD vapes are the cleanest you’ll find on the market, crystallization is possible as a result.

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