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Say Nope to Remediated Dope

Updated: Oct 18, 2021

What is remediation?

Remediation is our industry’s dirty little secret. State law requires grows to regularly test flower and trim for microbial and mold growth. When a test comes back with a positive hit, it is flagged in the state tracking system as FAILED. Failed cannabis can’t be sold to dispensaries. However, it can be remediated through extraction because most extraction processes will kill off all living microbes and molds. This includes hydrocarbon “blasting” and clean-CO2 extraction processes like ours. Failed trim is cheap…really cheap…and if you’re paying bottom dollar for a vape cartridge, chances are you’re smoking remediated oils.

Colorado law used to require vendors to write “REMEDIATED” on the product label but thanks to lobbying efforts from larger extraction operations, that requirement was eliminated. So now the customer has no idea if the product is remediated.

“So, who cares? The microbes and mold all die through extraction said it yourself.”

This statement is true, but there are byproducts of mold and bacteria that are NOT removed. Molds release spores and mycotoxins. Bacteria release endotoxins (internal – inside the cell) or exotoxins (external – cell wall). These toxins can be further classified as cytotoxic which means they are harmful to animals and humans. This is especially true for bacterial cells that are broken open (lysed) through processing, releasing all the cell “guts” into the oil. These toxins remain in the oils and are not purified out without specialized filtration or chromatography methods. They are also not tested because the state doesn’t require it.

Anyone want to smoke moldy weed? How about toxic byproducts from bacterial contaminations? Nobody we know. Our cost is slightly higher than the bottom-line oils on the market today, but we provide an excellent value for a trustworthy product you know won’t make you sick. We promise to NEVER process contaminated product. Not all vendors can make that promise and there’s no way that you, as a consumer, can know if your product is remediated. Lucky Turtle won’t touch contaminated product. That's why you can #trusttheturtle

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