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The Importance of Cannabis-Derived Terpenes

The Importance of Terpenes to Distillate

By now you've certainly heard all the buzz around terpenes and the importance of these incredible compounds contributing to strain taste, aroma and the full-body entourage effect. Straight distillate is a high potency THC oil with all other plant compounds stripped away. It’s also the highest THC percentage you’ll see in a vape and tends to hit with a hard and short-lasting “head” high. At Lucky Turtle, we reintroduce CANNABIS terpenes that were removed through the first step in the extraction process. These terpenes are added back to the same batch of extracted oil, making a truly strain-specific distillate product. With the addition of terpenes, you get a much fuller “body” high. You may see a slightly lower THC% in our distillate due to the reintroduction of terpenes (because it dilutes the oil), but the flavor profile will be unmatched and your high will last longer.

Why Cannabis Terpenes?

Terpenes are the volatile compounds (those that boil off easily) in all plants that give flowers their sweet smell, spices their unique taste, and pine trees their distinct aroma. The vast majority of Colorado vape manufactures use non-cannabis terpenes extracted from pine, lemons, chamomile, and even artificial “flavors” produced in E.coli cells in massive commercial fermenters (strawberry lemonade anyone?). These terpenes are considered simple in that you purchase a bottle of a single terpene derived from non-cannabis sources. While these terpenes are generally safe to vape, most are produced overseas and their origins unknown. Additionally, they fail in comparison to the full-body high you get from cannabis terpenes. With our in-house extraction of cannabis-only terpenes we pull off complex terpenes that contain not a single terpene, but hundreds of different compounds including terpenes and terpene variants. As close to the plant as possible” has been our philosophy since the start of Lucky Turtle in 2015. It’s why you won’t find a Grape Dreams or Banana Berry vape leaving our lab. Reintroducing strain-specific, derived from the same batch, cannabis-only complex terpenes is the only way to create high-quality, clean #BiotechGrade distillate oil, and it's why you can #trusttheturtle.

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