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  • Vape cartridge hidden and protected inside the battery. Looks and works just like a flip out key chain.
  • Integrated USB Charging cable.
  • Variable Voltage: 3 separate settings
  • Perfect for your pocket and great for getting into concerts or events.


Vape Battery Instructions

  • Push main button to flip out the vape cartridge.
  • Charge using integrated USB cable into any standard USB port.
  • Can be used with any standard 510 threaded vape cartridge.
  • Press button quickly 5 times to toggle the on/off lock so it doesn’t heat up in your luggage or pocket.
  • Press button 3 times quickly to change voltage setting.  Burnt taste? Turn down.  Not a big enough cloud? Turn up.
  • Hold down button for a few seconds to preheat oil and slowly inhale through mouthpiece. Release button when done.


Tags: battery, key chain, vape, variable voltage

Variable Voltage Key Chain Vape Battery

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