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Lucky Turtle TrueTerps™

Updated: Oct 18, 2021

We’ll let you in on a dirty secret: most terpene content is lost in common curing processes. Plus, ratios of monoterpenes and sesquiterpenes vary greatly between trim and flower. That’s a big deal. All terpenes are great in our minds, but achieving the correct ratio is crucial in keeping true to the plant.

We at Lucky Turtle first select the greatest cultivars based on their mastery in upholding terpene content. We have done exhaustive research constructing our Terpene Analysis Library, so we know exactly what to expect for each strain we accept.

Each time we do a terpene collection, the production facility buzzes. People salivate. We become eager to smell the truckloads of aroma and see how spot-on our 5-S extraction (Small batch, Single Source, Strain-Specific) methodologies will deliver.

TrueTerps remain unharmed and pure due to the low temperatures and inert nature of CO2. Comparatively, steam distillation and hydrocarbon extraction cause hydrolysis and other reactions that diminish effectiveness and flavors. Many extractors choose to forgo collecting terpenes, which leads to a less flavorful and synergistic experience. Others simply use plant terpenes that are not equivalent to cannabis terpenes.

It takes more care and time to deliver the terpene fraction, but we built our methods to capture greater amounts of monoterpenes and sesquiterpenes. With our science and exclusive CO2 extraction design, our process maximizes terpene recovery to stay not only true to the plant, but true to the flower.

The TrueTerps label lets you know we take the extra effort to collect 5-S terpenes to consistently deliver the superior taste and synergistic effects of a Lucky Turtle cannabis oil experience. #trusttheturtle

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